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Today's focus on information technology has shifted from the technology itself to the quantifiable benefits IT can demonstrate for a company’s core business.

Today, organizations wanting to drive down the total cost of IT ownership realize that every part of the infrastructure is important especially expensive network equipment, servers and WAN links. Either one of the biggest budget eaters - hardware and bandwidth (especially in the WAN) - may account for more waste than all the desktops in the entire enterprise. Information is power and real savings come with knowing more about the networking infrastructure.

Similar levels of granularity are required across the infrastructure to cover WAN as well as the LAN links, right down to the port level. With the right tools there needn’t be an infrastructure ap. All assets can be seen and understood, managed and optimized.

The holistic view of infrastructure optimization carries the promise of massive cost savings, faster ROI and increased business value from smaller, leaner IT departments to the large corporate enterprise.

Netspeed Technologies integrated infrastructure management and monitoring solutions concentrate on definition and deployment of proactive processes which are driven by reducing operational costs through efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Netspeed Technologies is the country’s leading supplier of MS Exchange archiving solutions and has grown into a complete solution house for data and message management, archiving storage solutions, Security as well as the leading implementer and reseller of Entuity’s Eye of The Storm (Now re-branded as Entuity) Infrastructure Management Solution. A True Enterprise Solution Company.




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We’re excited to provide you with a new product review of Entuity 13.5 for your sales initiatives. This highly positive review is the result of a comprehensive test of the features and functions of Entuity 13.5.



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